Saturday Spring Game Guide

It's game day! Ok, it's "situational exhibition" day! The Wildcats will take to Ryan Field for the team's annual spring scrimmage. While the weather is likely to be soggy, don't let that ruin your day. Here's your guide to the game.

• Pat Fitzgerald made it clear that this is just another practice, and nothing more than that. He referred to it as a "situational exhibition" on Tuesday. It will be run in the same format as the Wildcats' previous two scrimmages, where it's one offense against one defense. The coaches will rotate players in and out as needed.

• Fitzgerald said he didn't plan on keeping score, but joked that if Mike Polisky and the NU marketing staff were interested, they could keep score on their own.

• There will be no running clock for the game. The coaches are planning on running 60 plays. The game will likely end around 2:25 p.m.

• If you're planning on attending the game, you may want to plan accordingly. Game time temperature is 44 degrees, with strong winds out of the west, and a 60% chance of precipitation.

• There were a few additional names added to the very long injury report. Seven players will be held out of action due to coaches' decision—meaning for precautionary. Those players are Vince Browne, Jordan Mabin, Brian Peters, Venric Mark, Adonis Smith, Jeremy Ebert, and Alex Netter. For the full injury report, click this link

• The reps at quarterback are expected to be split evenly between Evan Watkins, Kain Colter, and Trevor Siemian.

• Wondering which players to watch for? Look no farther than our Seven Standouts Of The Spring story, which highlights a group of players who have impressed throughout the Wildcats' first 14 practices.

• As tradition for each spring game, a list of former players will return to Evanston to watch the ‘Cats. Recent alumni in attendance include Mike Kafka, Corey Wootton, Corbin Bryant, Tyrell Sutton, Sherrick McManis, and many more.

• There will be a big list of recruiting visitors in Evanston for the game. I'll have that list being updated throughout the day. For the list of confirmed visitors, click this link

• If you would like to chat about the game with other Northwestern fans, you can do so on our Ryan Field forum

• If you would like immediate updates, be sure to follow our official twitter account, @NUScout

• As always, if any news breaks, we will bring it to you immediately.

For the official game information release from Northwestern, Click This Link

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