As we head into May...

Random thoughts about the PGA Cats, Football Position Changes, what else is going on during the Spring Practices, and just what is Telander's problem...

Random Thoughts as we head into the last week of Spring Football

Golf Alumni --
Very quietly, Jess Daley has playing a few Nationwide tour events. According to the money list, he's played in 4 and has won enough to cover expenses.

Luke Donald has been playing up and down lately - not sure what's happening there. Last week he shot a lights out 68 to make the cut then stumbled through the final 2 founds.

Anyway - I really miss these two friends (and NU Alums) playing together, and against each other in the NCAA tournaments. [I'm sure NU Golf Coach Pat Goss wouldn't mind a few Daley/Donald Clones again too]

Maybe both will get their games back and give us a reprise in a PGA tourney later this year?
Derell Jenkins to Running Back?
In a Spring that took a top running back prospect to cornerback, a highly recruited DE to Tight End, and other changes, I'm not totally surprised - especially after Coach Walker talked about using both Alexander Webb and Derrel Jenkins on the field along with starting QB Brett Basanez the first week.

When he was recruited, everyone said that Jenkins would eventually wind up playing somewhere else, and "Walk" has always said he wants the best 11 kids on the field. Early reports are that Jenkins is a natural "toting the rock."
Things we haven't heard about from the Spring Drills
  • All the Churn along the offensive line. I've heard rumbles, but it seems that there have been more changes in position than we know "officially." Of course the return of Trai Essex will probably shuffle the deck again in Kenosha.
  • Just how good is Jeff Backes playing cornerback. Earlier in the Spring, it seemed the CBs were picking off Basanez and Webb at will [or at least 2 or 3 times a practice.]  We haven't seen any reports lately.
  • Is NU really going to run some Option? - We saw a few Option plays during the 11 on 11 drills the first week, but there haven't been many comments yet about NU running the QB Pitch.
  • And finally - how is the QB race between Brett and Alex really going? We might get a hint during the final practice scrimmage sessions. I've heard that Basanez has really worked on his accuracy and is leading in the completion catagory. But those numbers rarely get out.
  • Something to remember as we finish up the Spring - the Offensive Linemen that we all thought would start didn't all start where we thought, and the defense was a lot different after Kenosha. Players make statements during the Spring and start to win positions, but its Camp Kenosha that really decides the starting lineup in the Fall
I think I've finally figured out Rick Telander's problem with NU...
He's another old "jock" who played for a losing team that paid the coach a lot of money.

I haven't figured out Jay yet. Maybe its money too.

Or maybe its just that old "Class Envy" thing again and Telander is embarassed that as an NU alum, he used to be part of the "enemy?"
As the list of Depositions grows.
I wonder which media guy will be the first to ask if President Beinen knew about Rashidi Wheeler's use of Ultimate Orange Punch, and when did he know it.

For what its worth, I've coached football with kids with various medical conditions for a long time. Only in the last 2 years have we actually known which kids had asthma because some parents thought we'd hold a kid back if we knew. I haven't changed my style of coaching, but we always pulled a kid out if we thought they were in distress.

Its a fine line between a kid who is just down during a practice, and a kid who is really in trouble. Every coach I know thanks God that they've never had a kid fall down in practice and not get up.
On to Evanson, Saturday...

-- da Coach

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