Lugo Waiting For Offers

After taking visits to a number of schools around the upper Midwest, linebacker Nelson Lugo has narrowed down his top three schools to Toledo, Northern Illinois, and Northwestern.

"Those are the ones that seem to have the most interest in me and I have the most interest in them," he said.

However, the junior from West Leyden (IL) HS is still waiting on an offer.

So far, Lugo has visited his top three schools, plus Purdue. He was at Northwestern in March at the start of spring practice.

"I visited the first day when they had no pads and the last day of the [first] week when they had full pads," he said. "I actually got there a little early so I could go to the position meetings. From there I sat on the sidelines. Basically I talked to the coaches a little big after and then headed home."

Of all the visits, Toledo was his favorite. He went there with his family earlier in the spring and returned for the spring game.

"I'd have to say Toledo [was my favorite] just for the fact that I could tell they really have interest in me," he said. "I have a good vibe with the campus and the football team."

So is Toledo at the top of his list, for now?

"I'd have to say, right now, yes," he said.

Lugo is still waiting for an offer from the Rockets, but says his position coach and recruiting coach there feel he deserves one. He also doesn't know when he will commit to a school, but still needs to wait for an offer to come.

"Now there's nothing, I'm just waiting," he said.

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