Handler Excited About NU Interest

When 2012 Barrington High School wide receiver Sam Handler was young, he and his brother would play football in open lots near Ryan Field after spending the day watching the Northwestern football team.

"I grew up a huge Northwestern fan," Sam Handler said. "We went to almost every home game."

These were some of the fondest memories of Handler's childhood.

"Going to night games with my family brings back great memories," he said. "We used to tailgate and load up on hot dogs and Nesquik chocolate milk. I remember seeing them come out of that building in the endzone and hearing Willy the Wildcat roar."

Now, Handler (6-0, 190) is excited to be getting interest from the school that he rooted for as a kid.

"I always dreamed of playing there as a kid," Handler said. "It's unreal to know that those guys I looked up to soon could be me."

Handler has been hearing the most from UCLA, Colorado, Wyoming, and Illinois, along with Northwestern's Coach Heffner and Coach Springer.

While the Wildcats have not yet offered Handler, they are looking forward to evaluating him at their one-day camp. His current interest level in Northwestern is very high.

"They are a school when someone asks me ‘Who are you checking out' they are always a school I mention. I love the academics and alumni support, the facilities, the tradition, the fans, and the environment."

After years of cheering on the Wildcat players as they run out on to the field, Handler realizes that that could soon be him. He knows that the moment when he runs onto the field for the first time, hearing the fans cheer him on, and seeing his family in the stands will be a special moment for him.

"[It would be] priceless. Truly priceless. I would think; ‘look how far I've come'"

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