Davie Ready For The Draft

It's a bit of an understatement to say that Quentin Davie has been very busy lately. The former Wildcat linebacker has been preparing for the NFL Draft, while also preparing for his wedding. Fortunately for Quentin and his new bride, their wedding went without a hitch. Well, sort of.

After the wedding, Quentin and his bride endured a crazy limo ride to the reception, as they were in the path of tornadoes which ripped through the St. Louis area. Their ride to the reception looked like a scene from a movie, as cars and debris filled in the road. Luckily, everybody stayed safe during the storms

"We just missed it," said Quentin Davie. "We thought we were coming right at it, so it was crazy."

Now, Davie and his wife have to hold off on the honeymoon. He is busy preparing for the NFL Draft in his hometown of St. Louis.

Davie finished his senior season with 71 tackles and three interceptions, which fell from his 90 tackles as a junior. As a senior, Davie switched from "Will" (weak-side) linebacker to "Sam" (strong-side) linebacker, which made him an impact in the passing game.

Things got off to a slow start for Davie, as he was not invited to the NFL Combine. But his luck changed when he met with numerous teams at the Texas vs. The Nation game, then he followed that up with a strong Pro Day showing in March.

Regardless of performance, Davie knows it's all out of his hands.

"It's stressful at the beginning, but I realize I can only do what I can do," Davie said. "I did my pro day and workouts. I'm trying to enjoy it not and not let it be stressful."

While making the rounds with NFL teams, the St. Louis native got a thrill when he met with his hometown team, the Rams. Davie is a lifelong Rams fan, who remembers seeing the team in their old royal blue and yellow jerseys.

"Going to the facility and talking to the coaches, knowing it's a team I've been looking up to my whole life, and seeing the history, it was a nice experience," Davie said.

According to Scout.com's ratings, Davie is the 23rd-ranked outside linebacker available in the 2011 draft class. However, mock drafts and draft ratings mean nothing to the linebacker. Instead, he has turned to the advice of former college teammates who are in the NFL such as Corey Wootton and Sherrick McManis, while ignoring what the draft experts says.

"You can read it if you want to, but it's all going to vary when the draft comes around," said Davie.

As draft day approaches, Davie has heard from a number of teams who have expressed interest, saying they're considering drafting him.

After a busy wedding weekend, Davie is spending his time working out, while getting ready for the draft. He plans on watching the draft on Thursday and Friday, but is still unsure whether he'll watch on Saturday—the final day of the draft.

"On Saturday, we may play a family game, I don't know," Davie said. "I got to make up my mind. It's a lot more nerve-wracking watching it on tv."

Northwestern currently has 12 former players in the NFL. Last year, three Wildcats—Corey Wootton, Sherrick McMannis, and Mike Kafka—drafted in the NFL Draft. This year, the Wildcats had seven players—including Davie—workout in front of scouts at Northwestern's Pro Day.

With the draft fast approaching, Quentin Davie knows he's done everything he can, and now, it's out of his hands. Yet, he remains optimistic for that big phone call.

"I'm figuring one of the teams out there liked me from my pro day, and is going to take a shot at me," Davie said. "It's going to be worth it."

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