Interest Picking Up For Costakis

Heritage Christian (Ind.) WR/DB Matt Costakis hasn't been in organized football for too long—just two seasons to be exact. But after a great first two years, Costakis is now seeing that high school football could lead to bigger things at the college level.

"When I wanted to play football, I had no idea it would lead to a scholarship," said Matt Costakis "I started playing as a sophomore in high school, and I just wanted to play Now, it looks like I could play big time football That's my dream, to play in big conference football "

In his first years of high school, Costakis was a basketball player, and passionate about the game But his friends pushed him to play football After learning the game and seeing his potential, Costakis wishes he was always a football player

"All my friends played football, and would josh me saying I'm scared," he said "I went out, hadn't played any organized football, came in first day, and didn't know how to run a route I learned all that, was starting both ways last year, and did sophomore year I wish I would've played early on and in freshman year, but it is what it is "

Costakis (5-11, 165) is a standout on both sides of the ball, and many schools are taking notice A list of smaller schools have shown interest, and Thursday afternoon, Costakis was pleasantly surprised when he found two letters from Northwestern left for him

One letter was standard information about Northwestern's summer camps, but the second letter was a hand-written letter from the NU coaching staff, saying that they're interested, and want to see more at a summer camp

"They're just basically keeping their eye on me, not too much," Costakis said "When you get a hand-written letter, it's pretty cool "

As the summer approaches, Costakis said he plans on attending Northwestern's summer camp and combines, with the hope of impressing more coaches A strong junior season already has coaches impressed

In his first year of varsity football, Costakis had five receiving touchdowns on offense On defense, he had 31 tackles, five interceptions, and one interception for a touchdown

Thus far, interested schools have recruited the two-way athlete as a wide receiver and a defensive back For Costakis, it doesn't matter what position he plays—after all, he's just a football player

"I don't really care which side I play on," Costakis said "It doesn't really matter to me I just want to play "

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