NU In The Mix For #1 Center

Ranked as the top 2012 center by, four-star Evan Boehm is knee-deep in offers. With a long list of options, Boehm is evaluating his options while enjoying the process.

Thus far, Evan Boehm (6-3, 290) has offers from Northwestern along with Arkansas, Auburn, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Stanford, Wisconsin, and others.

With plenty of offers on the table, Boehm is constantly getting visits and phone calls from coaches all over the country. Rather than finding it stressful, the center is doing his best to enjoy the recruiting process.

"I'm just sitting back and weighing out all my options and looking at what I have," said Boehm, a two-way standout at Lee's Summit West High School.

"The best way to approach this is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the process."

Boehm has recently received visits from Northwestern, Auburn, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and a few others. In his own time, he's used the internet to research each school. Now, he has a top-five, which continues to change.

"My top-five in no order is Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa, Auburn, and Arkansas, and Michigan is right there too," he said.

Northwestern is currently on the outside looking in, but Boehm says his current top-five is just that—current. It continues to change as he evaluates each option.

"I'm still looking at them," Boehm said. "They're still right there, as is everybody else. I might take a visit up there this summer. I'm not for sure yet."

A few things stand out for the five schools on top of Boehm's list. Those are also things which he wants to see in each of his other options.

"The education is number one," said Boehm. "Number two, the family feeling when I go to the school. The coaching staff, the atmosphere, what I can do as a freshman, (and) what I can do to help my team out."

Boehm says he can bench 310-pounds, squat 530 and has a 21-inch vertical jump. He reports a 3.3 core GPA, and plans on being a business major or education major

The four-star center is planning on making his decision either before or after his senior football season, so it doesn't interfere.

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