Indy Safety Names Favorites

With offers from almost all of the MAC schools, Army, Air Force, and Western Kentucky, safety Kevin Brown is keeping all of his options open. However, he is more interested in going the Big Ten route, listing his favorites as Michigan State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Purdue, and Wisconsin.

"Those are my favorites, but I haven't really made a top five," said Brown, a junior from Lawrence Central (IN) HS. "I'm going to make a top-five list after I get all of my offers."

Of those five schools, Brown has only visited Wisconsin and Michigan State.

"I thought they were really good," he said. "I especially like Wisconsin the most. They have good coaches, good players, and a family feel. It's a nice program, great facilities, and a great university. I like the city.

"Michigan State is a little isolated," he said. "It's a little east of Lansing, but I like the campus and the facilities."

Brown plans to visit Northwestern in late June for their camp. He talked to the coaches when they visited his school and he is eager to get to know them better.

"I haven't talked to them since he came up to the school last week," he said. "I have to call him soon because he told me to call him."

Brown knows a little bit about Northwestern already, but he hopes to learn more and see the campus next month.

"I just know a lot about the great university; it's like really prestigious and stuff," he said. "Other than that, the football program, I know that they played in a bowl this past season and they've been on the uprise in recruiting and getting better. I was really interested in that one."

Brown doesn't have an offer from the Wildcats yet, but hopes to earn one at their camp.

"They like my talent," he said. "They just want to see me run around a little bit at the camp and decide whether or not they want to continue from there.

" I don't really know [if an offer will come], but it wouldn't surprise me if I did, but I'm not expecting anything," he said. "I think if I go down there and do what I know I can do, hopefully it will lead to an offer, but if not then I'll just move on."

While he is still waiting on more offers, Brown plans on making his decision before his senior football season.

"Probably in late July or early August," he said.

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