Norton Close To An Offer

Whitmer (OH) High School tackle Storm Norton has three offers on the table and is picking up interest from many other schools, including Northwestern. The 6-8, 260-lb. tackle says if Northwestern were to jump into the mix with an offer, it would change his recruitment considerably.

"If (Northwestern) offered, they'd probably be number one," said Storm Norton.

Norton currently holds offers from Buffalo, Kent State, and Toledo. In addition, he's garnered interest from Northwestern, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Stanford, Syracuse, and others.

Norton says Syracuse is close to offering him, and Northwestern may not be far behind.

"I think it could definitely happen soon," Norton said. "I'm going to give them a call soon and see what's up with it."

As things progress, Norton has grown more interested in what Northwestern has to offer. On the field and off the field, Norton is excited about the Wildcats.

"They have a great engineering program, which is the program of study that I want to enter into," he said. "They're in the Big Ten and their program is going in the right direction."

For Norton, playing at Northwestern would achieve his lifelong goal of playing Big Ten football.

"It's definitely one of my biggest goals that I've been striving myself for," Norton said.

With a few options on the table and more possibly on the horizon, Norton is evaluating his possibilities and is still far away from making a commitment.

"I'm not really sure when I'm going to decide because I was thinking about waiting throughout the whole season and see how many offers I get before I commit anywhere," Norton said.

As a junior, Norton helped his Whitmer High School team achieve a 12-2 overall record and a deep run in the playoffs.

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