McCormick Looking At NU

Notre Dame (MI) High School forward Kellen McCormick has only seen a few Northwestern games, but is very familiar with the team. When watching the games, his father—10-year NBA veteran Tim McCormick—points out one player who he should study closely. That is Northwestern forward John Shurna.

McCormick, like Shurna, is a 6-8 forward who is an excellent shooter and defender. McCormick has made a point to study Shurna during Northwestern games.

"My dad has points (John Shurna) out all the time," said Kellen McCormick. "When they're playing, he'll say ‘look what he does here. If you keep working, you can strive to be him'. He always brings that up."

Much like Shurna has, McCormick is working on becoming an all-around player—not just a shooter. He has spent extra time lifting weights to become a better rebounder, and is hoping to grow into a very diverse scorer.

McCormick has received a lot of interest from Northwestern, and is building a good relationship with NU assistant coach Tavaras Hardy. During his junior season, Hardy came to watch McCormick play, and the two are building a good relationship.

"He seems like a very nice guy and I look forward to getting to know him better this summer and next year too," McCormick said.

So far, McCormick has not visited Evanston, but is hoping to do so for Northwestern's summer camp on June 24th. Despite not yet seeing the school, McCormick is getting to know what Northwestern is like. He has a good overall review of the school.

"It's such an all-around program," McCormick said. "They play the style of basketball I play. The academics are huge too. (Coach Hardy) seems like a really nice guy."

Thus far, McCormick has offers from Miami (OH), Oakland, Toledo, and Western Michigan. In addition, he's picked up interest from Northwestern, Penn State, Stanford, and a list of others, including many Ivy League schools.

McCormick has visited each of the four schools that have offered him, and says those are each high on his list. However, it's too early to name any favorites.

"I'm keeping an open mind and I like all the schools I've talked to so far," McCormick said.

With a variety of different options McCormick is working to narrow down his options. He is sorting each school into one of three categories—power conference schools, academic schools, and mid-major schools—then will sort through which type of school he would like to attend.

"I want to keep my options open," McCormick said. "From the three groups, I want to have a couple from each one of those groups and narrow it down from there. When it comes down to making a decision, I'll have a wide variety of schools. I'll make a decision from there."

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