Wildcats Stand Out For Feldt

Pilot Point (TX) High School offensive lineman Boone Feldt has picked up interest from a list of southern schools, but there's one school from up north that really stands out.

"I get about 100 letters per week, but when I get theirs, I always take theirs and read what's going on," said Boone Feldt. "It's been an extra little interest for me."

Feldt (6-3, 275) has offers from Houston and Louisiana Tech, and has picked up interest from Northwestern, Baylor, Kansas, Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas Tech, UCLA, Vanderbilt, and a list of others.

For the standout lineman, something just stands out about Northwestern.

"Kids always have that one school that's kind of far away and sparks an interest in them," Feldt said. "They've got things going and play in bowl games. I've kept up with them in the past. If more interest (from them) would ever come, that would spark some more interest for me."

Even from a distance, the Texas native has tried his best in paying attention to Northwestern. Everything he's seen has been impressive.

"Whenever they're on TV, I'll watch them," Feldt said. "I keep up with their recruiting. It's been a program I've been very interested in. I'm always keeping up on them.

"They really got things going and started winning some games and getting great players, and they have a really good coach. They beat teams that have better talent. They play really hard. I like the location. It seems like a really good place."

Feldt's summer plans have taken a major step back due to his suffering from mononucleosis. Originally, he planned to take as many visits as possible, including a trip up north to Evanston. That has now all changed, and he is likely to make just two or three camps.

As for a trip to Evanston, that may not be in the works due to the mono.

"I'm really not that sure (about a trip to Northwestern)," Feldt said. "The college process is really important, but so is my senior football season. We want to take it slow right now."

As things progress, Feldt is hoping his recruitment continues to gain steam. He may be looking at a few more offers in the coming weeks. However, an offer from Northwestern may shake things up.

"They're a school that if I would get an offer from, it's hard to explain," Feldt said. "If Northwestern were to offer me, it would create a lot of excitement and spark a lot of interest."

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