Logan Impresses At Northwestern

Abner Logan (Brookline, MA) attended a single-day camp at Northwestern to gauge his skills, and came out with an extremely positive reaction.

Logan—a running back and linebacker at the Dexter School outside Boston--participated in several linebacker drills at NU. Overall, Logan said he felt the camp went extremely well.

"I ran really well today, and I feel like I did really well on all my drills," Logan said. "I did dropping into coverage and one-on-one drills. Mostly footwork drills, typical linebacker stuff. The coaches wanted to see how quickly I could turn my hips, how explosive I am out of my stance, and how I did in coverage."

Logan blew away the coaches with a 4.58 40-yard-dash time—one of the highest scores for linebacker. Overall, Logan was pleased with his performance, and said the coaches seemed pleased as well.

"The coaches seemed impressed. They said they all liked what I did for the most part," he said.

In addition to working out for the coaches, Logan received some one-on-one attention from head coach Pat Fitzgerald, a former Northwestern linebacker.

"He came and saw me perform, saw me doing one-on-ones," Logan said. "He kept telling me patience and discipline. He also worked with me out with coverage, which was very helpful."

According to Logan, the fact that Fitzgerald is a former linebacker is a huge part of his interest in Northwestern.

"I like that the head coach is a linebacker," Logan said. "It's always good to have a coach that has played your position; you don't get that luxury at every school."

Though Logan's camp was very positive, Northwestern has yet to give him an offer. According to Logan, NU is waiting to receive his SAT results to make sure he will meet academic standards. Logan took the SAT on a late test date, and will not receive his results for another week or two.

"I'm not nervous at all, I think I did well," Logan said. "It's just a matter of getting the results. A soon as I get the scores, I'll fax them right over so they can bring them to the admissions community."

Once the school receives his test scores however, Logan said he is confident that an offer will be extended.

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