Odenigbo's NU Visit Sets The Bar

Centerville (OH) High School linebacker Ifeadi Odenigbo stopped in Northwestern on Sunday—the latest visit in his ongoing tour. After spending a day with NU head coach Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern has set the bar for the rest of his visits.

Odenigbo (6-3 ½, 217) found himself on a tight schedule at Northwestern. During the visit, the four-star linebacker took a tour around campus, met with NU academic advisors, then talked with linebackers coach Randy Bates.

Going into the visit, Odenigbo admitted that each visit would be a critical part of his decision-making process. The visit at Northwestern locked the Wildcats into his group of favorites.

"Northwestern solidified itself as a top-five school," said Ifeadi Odenigbo.

During his Sunday stop at Northwestern, Odenigbo found himself with NU head coach Pat Fitzgerald as his tour guide. The four-star linebacker and his family hopped into Fitzgerald's SUV and took a personal tour around Northwestern's campus and downtown Evanston.

"I was really fascinated with everything I saw," Odenigbo said. "Northwestern is a beautiful place. I was overwhelmed how beautiful everything was."

During the day, Odenigbo, his family, and Fitzgerald spent a lot of time talking together. When the visit was over, both Ifeadi and his parents were very impressed by Northwestern's head coach. But something Fitzgerald said stood out for Odenigbo.

"What really caught my attention and my parents' attention is how he emphasized football isn't everything," said Odenigbo. "You need to have a major to fall back on. That's what really caught our attention."

Another thing that stood out for Odenigbo was how the NU football players got along off the field.

"They're a really close group," Odenigbo said. "I believe you have to be very close to your teammates to succeed. The things I saw were pretty impressive and very cool."

For Odenigbo, the thing that made the tour of Northwestern more enjoyable was having a knowledgeable tour guide in Pat Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald has taken over as the main recruiter for Odenigbo, and the two have developed a strong relationship.

"It means a lot," Odenigbo said. "He played there and he signed that big contract. He's going to be there for a long time. He's pro-Northwestern. He's not going anywhere.

"I have his cell phone number so I speak to him quite often. I have a good relationship with Coach Bates and Coach Fitzgerald."

Odenigbo recently visited Ohio State and Notre Dame, and is set to travel out west and see Stanford and California next week. After his trip to Northwestern, the bar has been set very high.

"(With) the academic institution, the major, the football, Northwestern really set the bar," Odenigbo said. "When I get a visit from other schools, if it's not as good or better, I'm going to be disappointed."

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