Fitzgerald Kicks At Northwestern

With the loss of starter Stefan Demos, Northwestern is on the lookout for a kicker this recruiting season. Connor Fitzgerald (Bloomington, IN) has kept his name high on the list of potentials.

Fitzgerald attended camp at Northwestern June 14 to display his kicking abilities, and said he had a very positive reaction.

"It went really well," Fitzgerald said. "I was fairly pleased with performance. There were a couple of kicks I wish I could take back, but overall very pleased. I met coaches, looked at the facilities, and viewed campus. Overall it was a really good trip, really glad I went up here."

Fitzgerald, who shares a name with head coach Pat Fitzgerald, was able to strike up a bond with the NU coach.

"I met with [Coach] Fitzgerald, he was joking around with me a bit," Fitzgerald said. "He said, ‘my cousin Connor is coming to kick.' That was really cool, he's a very personable guy to talk to.

Overall, Fitzgerald said he had an extremely positive reaction to his visit at Northwestern.

Fitzgerald said he has also visited Penn, and will look at Harvard, Holy Cross, and possibly West Point. Those teams round out his favorites, but Northwestern sits at the top of the list.

"I absolutely love Northwestern. In my pursuit of college football, it's a priority to find strong academic school not just strong football team." Fitzgerald said. "Northwestern has all characteristics I'm looking for. It's fairly close to home, has amazing academics, great football…If an opportunity rose, that would be a great honor for me, and something that I would really look into."

According to Fitzgerald, there were two other kickers at his camp. Additionally, Northwestern will look at several other kickers in the coming weeks. Fitzgerald said Northwestern was looking to offer a kicker this year, and would keep him updated with information in the next several weeks.

"Once they see everyone, see what's out there, [Coach Fitzgerald] will let me know very soon where I stand and the opportunity at Northwestern, if there are any, it would be a dream come true," Fitzgerald said.  

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