Wisconsin LB Shows Off At Camp

Marquette University High School linebacker Connor Cannon came to Northwestern's one-day camp with the hopes of impressing the coaching staff, and he left feeling satisfied with his showing.

Canon attended camp at NU on June 13, and participated in linebacker drills. Overall, Cannon said he was very pleased with his performance.

"I thought I did really well," he said. "Obviously I went in and tried to do my best and I was pleased with performance. That was the second time I've gone, and I always learn a lot there. I think I really improve my game at Northwestern and I'm glad I'm going to be able to take some of the stuff I learned there this year and take it to my team this fall."

Cannon also said the coaches at the camp seemed to have a positive reaction to his performance.

"I think they were pleased with the way I performed," Cannon said. "There's a lot of positive feedback, so that's always good. Good feedback all around."

Cannon spoke with several coaches throughout the day, including linebackers coach Randy Bates and head coach Pat Fitzgerald.

"Coach Fitz is an amazing coach and he told me to really focus in and not look back at the quarterback too much," Cannon said. "Learning from Fitz is really helpful, he's a great coach."

Cannon left camp with positive feelings on his play, and on experiences with the coaches. Additionally, Cannon said he left with a very positive outlook on the school itself, including campus and academics.

"I love that staff there," he said. "It's an amazing staff, they improve their players every day. The campus is beautiful, academics are second to none. I think it would be an amazing opportunity, they're definitely at the top of my list."

Cannon has yet to receive an offer from NU, but isn't concerned about the time frame. Instead, he said he hopes to get as much as possible out of the recruiting process.

"I don't think [not having an offer] really matters for me right now, it's still really early in the process," Cannon said. "You only go through the process once and I want to really enjoy it to the fullest that I can. We'll see what happens. If the right fit comes along it does, but there's still a long way to go."

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