Dietz Set For NU Camp

Offensive lineman Logan Dietz (Pittsburgh, PA) said he is very interested in Northwestern. Dietz will head to camp at NU on Friday with the goal of getting NU to return the favor.

"It's definitely a program I'm interested in," Dietz said. "At this point it's whether or not they're interested in me."

Dietz, a 6'7", 270-pound lineman from Central Catholic High School, hopes to use the camp this week to put himself on the map for Northwestern.

"I'm hoping to get people to notice me and to show them what I can do," he said.

Dietz previously camped at Michigan State, and said the opportunity to display his skills in front of the Spartan coaching staff was a great chance for him.

"I went to the MSU camp this past weekend and MSU seemed very interested," he said. "They actually told me after they might be close to offering. I'm hoping for something along those lines with Northwestern."

For Dietz, academics is the most important factor as far as finding the right school. Along with academics, however, Dietz hopes to find a school with good football standards. According to the offensive lineman, Northwestern have the perfect balance.

"I'd like to find a place that's a great academic school, but also has a high level of play," Dietz said. "The Big Ten is pretty much as good as it gets, so that's definitely another factor for Northwestern."

In addition to high level of play, Dietz said playing time is an important factor. He said he is highly interested in a team where he can see the field early.

"Another factor would be playing time and if I can play early," Dietz said. "I don't want to go to a place where I would sit the bench for a few years, I want to play as soon as I can."

With all that Northwestern has to offer, Dietz sees it as a perfect fit. On the football field, Dietz can also see himself working well in the Northwestern spread offense.

"In the spread, you need to have lineman that can move," he said. "I feel I'm on the fast side for a lineman. I ran a 5.0 40-yard dash the other day, and the coaches at Michigan State said that was very fast for a lineman."

Dietz said he isn't worried about time frame, and certainly won't be making a decision anytime soon. Despite this, Northwestern remains high on his list, and a successful camp Friday can only increase that interest.

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