Crane Nearing A Decision

Guyer (TX) High School wide receiver Conner Crane is wrapping up his tour of college visits, and may be coming close to a decision. Where does Northwestern stand?

During the past few months, Conner Crane has literally traveled across the country in his search for a college home.

The three-star wide receiver from Denton (TX) Guyer has visited the campuses of Colorado, Kansas and Northwestern, as well as - most recently - Tennessee, California and Stanford.

Those trips, all taken with his father, represent a gaggle of frequent flyer miles. And while it can be taxing at times, Crane said, there's definitely a flip-side to the experience as well.

"You get to see the whole country, and that's been really cool for me," he explained. "But at the same time it is tiring."

Each of the programs he's visited also maintain a slot on Crane's list of a final six schools. Though perhaps not written in stone, those are the programs the 6-foot-4 speedster is "really considering" as of now.

Every campus and program has had its own unique culture and flavor, Crane said, and being able to get out and see all of them for himself - live and in person - has been invaluable.

"There have been schools that we liked more than we thought we would, and then there have been schools that we haven't liked as much as we thought we would," he noted. "So definitely it's been good to get out and see things for yourself instead of listening to what people say about them."

While Crane isn't ruling out the possibility of taking additional visits, he feels he may be nearing the point of making a decision sooner than expected.

Upon returning home to Texas on Tuesday, he said he and his family would sit down and discuss things, and hopefully settle on a school within the next couple of weeks.

"I think that after spring ball everything kind of slowed down and we could narrow it down," Crane said. "Once I see everything, that's the only reason I really wanted to wait. After this week I'll (have seen all the schools) I really want to see, and then me and my parents will talk about everything."

While he maintains no favorite at this time, one program that has remained strong is Kansas. Crane attended a Junior Day event in Lawrence, Kan. early in the spring, then returned with his dad for a second visit shortly thereafter.

He stays in contact with the Jayhawks coaching staff frequently, he said, and even has a family connection to the school.

"My mom went there, so that's kind of a big factor for me," Crane said. "When I went down there I had a really good feeling about it, and so that's kind of stuck with me as I've gone and seen all these other colleges. So they're definitely one of my favorites right now."

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