Terrell Looking For An Offer

Quarterback Zachary Terrell (Fort Wayne, IN) will head to Northwestern for the third time to attend the Chicagoland Showcase Camp hosted by the Wildcats. Terrell is heading into his third visit with NU looking to receive an offer.

"I've been on their radar for a while now," Terrell said. "Hopefully I'll get a scholarship out of [camp]. I'm just trying to go there and show what I can do. Hopefully I catch the coaches' eyes."

Terrell won't have to work too hard to get the coaches eyes on him. Northwestern appears highly interested in Terrell, and requested that he return to campus for the showcase.

"They contacted me and told me to come," Terrell said. "I wasn't expecting to go, but they said they wouldn't offer unless I came to camp."

Northwestern would be the fourth school to offer Terrell. He currently holds an offer from Kent State, Western Michigan, and Illinois State. Terrell said Northwestern is at the top of his list, and he is excited at the prospect of possibly getting offered.

"I want to study business, and they obviously have an amazing business program," Terrell said. "The coaching staff is great, I felt really connected to the family environment. Pat Fitzgerald has a tremendous reputation around the NCAA. The location is not too far from home, but not too close, it's near a big city. I like pretty much everything about it."

Terrell said that while the coaches have not said anything to him about an offer, they have hinted that he is high on their list of recruits.

"They don't come right out and say it," he said. "But they've told people around me that I'm high on their list, and they want to see me throw in camp before they offer, they want to see what I've got."

With all that in mind, Terrell is confident that things will work out well for him if he performs well at the camp.

"If I perform at my highest level and they like what they see, it's up to them obviously, but I'm hoping to [receive an offer]," he said.

Whether or not Terrell does get an offer from NU on Friday, he said he will not rush into his final decision on where to play.

"I would probably sit back and wait a little bit just to make sure that's really where I'm most comfortable," Terrell said. "I want to make sure my family's involved in the decision and I'm really comfortable with the decision since it's going to be a four to five year commitment."

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