Horne Close To NU Offer

Running back Marcus Horne (Milwaukee, WI) said he is confused about his recruiting, and not close to making a decision. What he isn't confused about, however, is that Northwestern is near the top of his list.

"I love Northwestern a lot," Marcus Horne said. "I really like Coach Fitzgerald and Coach McPherson."

On Friday, Horne took part in the Chicagoland Showcase Camp at Northwestern, and was able to tour campus on his visit. He said that the fact that it was a smaller campus was a plus for him.

"It's not a huge campus, it's not 30,000 or 25,000 people," Horne said. "It's kind of like a home environment. And Chicago is thirty minutes away, which is a real plus because I have family in Chicago."

Horne is very positive about Northwestern, and said his interactions with Northwestern coaches have been positive as well. He has yet to receive an offer because of limited space for running backs, but said he isn't too concerned about waiting for an offer.

"I think they're really close to offering me," Horne said. "They only need one more running back so I understand why they haven't offered me yet. They're going to be a little more cautious with the running back they pick, but hopefully it will be me. I'm working hard to make that happen."

Part of Horne's confidence comes from the fact that he sees himself as a strong fit with the Northwestern offense.

"They run the spread offense, which is good for me," Horne said. "Coach Fitzgerald and I sat down and watched film of the offense, and I think I'd fit well in the offense. I've got nice hands, which is a plus, so I think I'd fit in fine."

Though Horne thinks he is a good fit at NU, that is not the most important factor for him in the recruiting process.

"The most important would probably have to be my family," Horne said. "I want something my family can agree on. I'm very loyal and connected with my family. I want them at every game, I like the support of my family."

Horne currently holds offers from Akron, Ball State, Central Michigan, and North Dakota State, and has also picked up interest from NU, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Syracuse, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, and others.

With all things considered, Horne said Northwestern currently sits in his top two schools. He is keeping the other top school a secret, and hasn't told anyone what it is yet, but his interest in NU is remains extremely high.

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