Twins Camp At Northwestern

Two is always better than one, and that may benefit a college soon. Identical twin linemen Cam and Hunter Stanley came to Northwestern's Friday camp with the hope of impressing the coaches on-hand. They left feeling satisfied with their performances.

"It was good," said Hunter Stanley. "Unfortunately, we're not allowed to wear shoulder pads (in camp) so we couldn't do one-on-ones. The testing went well. We both had a sub-five 40-yard-dash and tested well."

Both Cam and Hunter each seek their first offer, but have garnered plenty of interest from the Midwest. On Friday, the twins got a chance to show off their skills in front of coaches from Northwestern, MAC schools, and Ivy League schools.

For the twins, each seeking their first offer, today was a big step in their recruitment.

I just wanted to get in front of these schools that are heavily recruiting us and show them good stuff," Cam Stanley said.

Both Cam and Hunter were in constant contact with Northwestern coaches during their junior year and were in attendance for two Wildcat games, but have lost contact since. After today, the twins hope a strong showing will help reconnect them with the NU coaching staff.

The Stanley's received some positive feedback from Northwestern coaches as well as coaches from other schools. The two remain optimistic for offers and hope that today was a big day for their recruitment.

"I feel really satisfied, I thought I did pretty well," said Cam.

"We're just talking about it. Hopefully we'll have some by the end of these camps."

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