Things I Suspect You Didn't Know...

To quote the old <b>Perry Como Show:</b><br><br> <i>Letters, we get letters, we get stacks and stacks of letters</i><br><br> OK, they're e-mails, but they didn't have e-mail back in Perry's day.

Yes, the Coach does get e-mail from time to time...
and its not just offers to improve the size of a certain part of my body.  I've finally got software that blocks the mortgage loan,  stock tip ads and all the other e-mail polution you get when you have a web site,
but I digress.

Here are some things you probably didn't know....

NU Recruit Sam Cheatham picked up his Watkins Award last Friday.
After reviewing some of the materials he submitted and talking to a few folks out in California, I'm as impressed with this young man's dedication to his family and his community as the Watkins' judges were. The Watkins award is a nationwide award for High School African-American athletes stressing both athleticism and citizenship - in short, being a man.

I can also see why Randy Walker was impressed with Sam. This kid not only plays all these sports, but he goes out and cuts grass for people in the community, mentors younger kids, in short he's involved with his community - a good reflection on his mom and dad.

And his decision to come to NU was entirely his, although his family was hoping...

I promise I'm going to write a story this week based on all the research, but NU is not only getting a fine wideout but even better, one fine young gentleman too.
When I last saw Coach Fitz Saturday...
He was packing up and ready to head back to south Texas again for evaluation month. He's probably looking at Pearland running back Brandon Roberson, among others. My spies tell me that he's got a number of other good kids to work on down there - ones who want both to play football and get an education.
Two of our Recruits
David Ngene [6-3 255] and Trevor Rees [6-2 275] faced off recently in a HS Regional Track championship, part of the Texas State playoffs in Track and Field. Both are Shot Putters. David finished second in the regionals [no report on Trevor] and won a trip to Austin to compete for the State Championship.

Shot Put is the kind of Spring sport that some coaches [including me] like to see O-linemen play [way to go Trevor], but David's ability to throw 16 lbs a good distance speaks to his physical abilities. You need that kind of arm strength up front on defense.

For what it worth, I hear David turned down offers from Oklahoma and Nebraska and only really considered NU and Rice because he wants an education.
Trevor Rees is also playing in the Bayou Bowl
That's an annual game between the Houston HS All Stars and the Louisiana HS All Stars. Its interesting that the Houston area schools take on the entire Bayou state. The game is June 21st, in case you want to go see Trevor take on the new LSU team.
I'm hearing rumbles that several of the recruits
are heading for Evanston in June, to spend the summer working out with the team prior to Camp Kenosha.

I have this vision from my own son's football experiences, of three big linemen sleeping in a 2 bed motel room [with our David sleeping on the floor because he was the frosh]. I suspect these guys will be in the weight room constantly, just to get some room to move around.
If you were at the final Spring Practice
Yeah, the Spring Game that wasn''t, you had to be impressed with a couple of the obvious recruits standing on the sidelines. One big fella was the kid with the Lake Forest '04 jacket. At times he looked like he wanted to get in there and play.

I also saw a few speedy looking types there along with their families. Almost every practice this Spring has had 20 or 30 guys on the sidelines watching. They all were accompanied by Dad, or a coach.

Wish we had some stands for the parents  to sit in, but I think the prospects had more fun on the sidelines and more important, I hope they were impressed.
Everyone I've talked with is impressed with how fired up the Wildcats are during practices. These 'Cats are pumped up, and its that unbridled enthusiasm we haven't seen around Evanston for a long time - the kind that wins ball games.
-- da Coach

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