Davis Planning NU Visit

Dublin Coffman High School receiver Marcus Davis (Dublin, OH) has had a chance to look at Northwestern. So far, Davis likes what he sees, and plans to head back to Evanston for a closer look.

Davis visited Northwestern at the start of spring, and got to attend an NU spring practice. Coming away from the visit, Davis said he liked what he had seen.

"The visit went really well," he said. "I got to see all the facilities, got to see what they do offensively. I liked everything I saw."

Davis has continued to look at Northwestern since his visit, and ranks the Wildcats near the top of his list of potential schools. 

"Definitely one of my favorite schools right now based on great academics and Big Ten football," Davis said. "The combination is really what I'm looking for, it's a great program."

Davis listed several reasons for his interest in Northwestern, though he said the academic prestige of the school was one of the most important factors.

"I want to go somewhere that puts me in great position to be successful after football because I understand it's not forever," Davis said. "I want to be somewhere with a great degree and football. That's what I'm looking for and Northwestern has that to offer."

Davis has also had a chance to study Northwestern's style of offense, and sees himself as a solid fit for the ‘Cats.

"I think I fit very well in their offense," he said. "They use a slot guy, which is what most colleges are telling me I'd be at next level. I can definitely see myself fitting in to the offense there."

Davis said he plans to return to Evanston in July to attend a camp at Northwestern. Though he doesn't have an offer from NU yet, he said he hopes to change that at the camp.

"I'm hoping to pick one up at the end of July," he said. "The coaches have been talking about an offer, so if I go there at the end of July and take care of business, I'll definitely be able to pick one up."

Once he gets the offer, Davis said he's in no rush to commit to a school, but will simply wait for the right moment and opportunity.

"I don't really have a time frame, I have a couple more camps Im going to, trying to pick up some more offers," he said. "Realistically, I probably won't know for sure until the end of the season."        

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