Curington's Visit A "10"

Last week, Northwestern rolled out the red (purple) carpet for four-star guard R.J. Curington. The Oak Hill Academy standout says his visit was a perfect 10.

"Everything was great," said R.J. Curington. "It was a nice day out so everything was looking great—nice and purple."

During the visit, Curington toured Northwestern's campus, met with academic advisors, and also made stops in downtown Evanston and at the local beach.

For Curington, the thing that stood out the most was hearing of Northwestern's famous alumni base. Hearing some of the names of successful NU alums—especially the sports journalists—had Curington very excited about Northwestern.

Overall, Curington's visit was a good one. In recapping the experience, he gives Northwestern a perfect score.

"I want to say (the visit was) a 10 because nothing went wrong," Curington said. "It was a perfect day outside. Everything went great."

While walking around campus, one thing stood out to Curington. As he walked by, students recognized him and his tour guide, assistant coach Tavaras Hardy, and gave a welcoming "Go ‘Cats".

"The students showed me love and I'm not even a player," Curington said. "It felt good."

The NU students aren't the only one showing him some love. Tavaras Hardy, Curington's lead recruiter, has been in constant contact with the standout guard. The two have grown a great relationship.

"We are really cool," Curington said. "We talk from time to time. He's a really cool guy. We talk a lot. He's smart and I'm smart so we can relate to different topics."

Curington (6-4, 170) has a number of offers on the table, but is keeping those confidential. He has picked up interest from Northwestern, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, Wisconsin, Clemson, Wake Forest, North Carolina, Stanford, and others.

The junior-to-be is still far from making a decision and has yet to name any favorites. Thinking hypothetically, Curington feels good about the Wildcats.

"I like them a lot," he said. "I don't have favorites right now. If I did, they would be up there."

Decision time for Curington is likely to come before his senior season. The guard wants to focus solely on basketball during his final season at Oak Hill.

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