Arowolaju Hopes Work Pays Off

Rich South (IL) defensive back Sean Arowolaju does not have a scholarship offers on the table, but he does have the work ethic to earn one. He's hoping that all translates to offers down the road.

"I'll do whatever it takes," said Sean Arowolaju. "I'm getting closer and closer and I can almost smell it. I'm getting hungrier and hungrier and I'm doing everything possible—on and off the field."

Though he has not received an offer, Arowolaju remains very optimistic. A number of schools have shown interest—especially in the past month. With great work ethic, Arowolaju is hopeful it will all pay off.

"I'm very optimistic about (receiving an offer) because of my background and how reliable I am," he said. "I think a school could give me the chance to play. I'm not somebody who's going to drop out of school and not play—my work ethic is 110%."

Arowolaju (5-11, 180) is undoubtedly getting closer. He impressed Northwestern coaches at a June camp and has been in contact since. He's also picked up interest from Toledo—who was also at the NU camp—along with Cincinnati, Vanderbilt, Northern Illinois, Western Michigan, and others.

With plenty of interest coming in, one school stands out for Arowolaju: Northwestern. A 3.9-student, Arowolaju is very interested in Northwestern's combination of academics and athletics.

"Just because of the athletics and academics, they'd be number one (on my list)," said Arowolaju.

"Because academics are more important than football, I want to get a great education and play in the Big Ten. That's why I really like that school. I'd probably even go there as a walk-on if I don't get that opportunity."

Northwestern—like many other schools—are hesitant to offer Arowolaju because he has yet to play consistently at defensive back in high school. As a junior, he served as a linebacker for Rich South High School. At Northwestern's camp, he worked as a defensive back and impressed the coaches.

For Arowolaju, one thing stands out about the Wildcats.

"The greatest thing about the school is the academic background," he said. "It's a prestigious school—the Ivy League of the Midwest.

"They're top-ten in academics and tops in the Big Ten conference, it's incredible."

For now, Sean Arowolaju remains optimistic and will continue to work hard with the hopes of playing college football

"I've been really working hard," he said. "It's something I really want to do in my life."

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