Forward Hopes For Offer

Linebacker Marcus Forward (Flint, MI) said his mother's opinion on a school is extremely important to him. So far, Forward's mother is very impressed with Northwestern.

"My mom would be proud for me to go there if it's a school on my list," Marcus Forward said.

His mother's opinion may be important, but Forward said he also happens to like Northwestern a lot. Specifically, Forward is impressed with the coaching staff at NU.

"Football-wise, Pat Fitzgerald is a high-octane type of guy," he said. "He's a coach I could get along with. McPherson is a great recruiting coordinator, Bates is a great linebacker coach. He knows the type of talent he's looking for. Overall, great school, something I could definitely keep in back of my head."

Forward said he attended camp at Northwestern on June 24, but was somewhat disappointed in his performance. Despite that, Coach McPherson had positive things to say at the end of the camp.

"McPherson said they haven't offered many linebackers, and no one has committed," he said. "It's definitely a school I want an offer from. I want to be able to have a choice to pick and a chance to pick Northwestern."

Forward said he has had an eye on Northwestern for a long time, and it definitely ranks close to the top of his interested schools.

"I've been watching NU since I was a little kid since I've always been a Michigan fan," he said. "As they're starting to grow, starting to get their way into bowl games, three-straight first time in don't know how long, Pat Fitzgerald has instilled a winning tradition, which is definitely something I want to be part of."

So where specifically do the Wildcats rank?

"Definitely toward the top. Definitely in the top 10 area," he said. "I don't know about the top-five, but they'd probably be in my top-five. If Northwestern decides to offer, it's definitely a school that would not be a surprise for me to go to."

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