Dieter Staying Patient

Gehrig Dieter (South Bend, IN) has had plenty of chances to see Northwestern, but hasn't been back to Evanston recently Instead, Dieter has hit the recruiting trail hard to look at other schools.

Dieter said he has been to multiple camps this summer, and is also taking visits. He does not plan to make another visit to Evanston.

"I'll probably just wait to hear from them," said Gehrig Dieter. "I've been there enough times. I've seen everything I need to see and met everyone I need to meet. I just want to get around, since I've been there four times. I want to get to see other schools, see what it's like there."

Though Dieter doesn't plan to return to Evanston, he said he gained enough from his first several visits to know that he likes what NU has to offer.

"It's a very prestigious academic college," Dieter said. "I like the coaches a lot, it's a prestigious academic place, and football is on the up-and-coming there."

Dieter said he specifically liked Coach Fitzgerald, and said that a good coaching staff may be the most important factor for him in choosing a school.

"Players and coaches intensity [is most important]," he said. "How intense the coaches are, how involved they are in practices and off the field, stuff like that."

Dieter currently has offers from Akron, Ball State, Bowling Green, Central Michigan, Northern Illinois, Toledo, and Western Michigan. So far this summer, he has not received any new offers. His confidence, however, remains high.

"All the coaches I've talked to said I'll have a bunch of BCS offers by the time the recruiting season is over," he said.

As to whether Northwestern will offer the three-star receiver, Deiter said he was "not really sure." Dieter has interest in several big name programs, however, and his next visit will be to see the defending champion Auburn Tigers.

No matter what offers come it, Dieter said he is likely to have to wait a while before making a decision.

"I would like to have a decision made as soon as I could," Dieter said. "But I'll probably end up making a decision around November or December."

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