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PurpleWildcats.com brings you a few of the best quotes from Pat Fitzgerald and the Wildcats during Big Ten Media Days

"I think it's great. Dan is a winner, he's a great leader. Having him in the huddle, it's priceless to be able to have his experience, his leadership. Guys look up to him, and of course he's going to make things happen out there, he's gonna make plays. When you have someone like that, success is bound to happen." -Alex Netter

"Do I believe we can win a national championship at Northwestern? Absolutely." Pat Fitzgerald

"It's about having poise and awareness. Coach talks about focusing in the moment, on your play, mental and physical. Football is a fun game, but it's a dynamic game, so you have to focus on every little aspect of the game, and try not to overdue it. That's when mistakes happen." Jordan Mabin

"All those linemen [are the biggest eaters.] Al Netter, and all those big guys. That's what they do for a living, they eat for a living. We had to feed those big boys." -Jordan Mabin talking about meat fest grilling out with team

"You obviously grow up thinking it'd be cool to win the Heisman...when it happens, it's almost like a surreal thing. It's cool, but it's kind of out of my control..." -Dan Persa

"Last year, there were so many things i didn't know going into the season. I didn't know what it felt like to be in a stretch in the Big Ten. I knew how to prepare, but i didn't know how much, what was too much, what was too little. My mindset was just do everything I can." -Dan Persa

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