Jones Excited About Wildcat Class

Northwestern commit Malin Jones talks about his camp experience and the offensive line class the Wildcats are putting together.

Imagine being Malin Jones, and you've heard and read about all the top flight offensive linemen Northwestern has committed to block for you. Then, you show up at camp and see them for yourself. The result is a smile that has not worn off quite yet. "We've got four huge guys coming in. I met them actually when I was at Northwestern the other day, everybody but DePietro. I met Eric Olson, Ian Park and I already met Kenton Playko. They're big guys, all over 260."

When asked if the prospect of running behind those guys was getting him excited, Jones gave a Bart Scott-esque, "Can't wait."

He also cannot wait to work further with running backs coach Matt MacPherson. The two were paired up at camp and Jones says he came away from that day a better back.

"I did everything except for test, forty, shuttle, test, all that. It was great. Coach Mac, he knows a lot. I can't wait until I'm over there and be under him and truly learn from him. He said when high school's over, the day after state, they're ready to have me up there and work out and I'm ready to be in their offense."

Jones, the first commit in the 2012 class, says he has been doing his share of recruiting, and it is not limited to his own class.

"Ryan Ward was the last guy I was doing some unofficial recruiting with. Other than that, the quarterback from Maine South, Matt Alviti, he was there at the camp. He seems to like it, so it's mostly juniors now."

One of the best juniors is in Jones' own backfield, teammate Ty Isaac, who has a Northwestern offer already. Of course, Jones will be in his ear as well.

"Ty, we can work on him a little bit too."

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