Ekakitie High On Northwestern

Northwestern is searching for some of the nation's top talent, but they may be close to getting a highly-touted prospect from just up the road. Lake Forest Academy defensive tackle Faith Ekakitie says he holds Northwestern and head coach Pat Fitzgerald in very high regards.

In his online blog, faithflex.com, Faith Ekakitie updates where he stands with Northwestern. One of the first schools to offer, Ekakitie says Northwestern is one of his top-five schools.

The first reason listed by Ekakitie is Northwestern's academics.

"Going to a school like NU would be very beneficial to me, especially if I later on choose to pursue a career that doesn't include football," says Ekakitie in his blog.

The next category which Ekakitie discusses is Northwestern's success on the field. He talks about what stands out with the Wildcats' football program.

"I feel like their program may be one of those programs that is on the rise especially under the leadership of Coach Fitzgerald, and that excites me," Ekakitie said. "Being part of a class that could possibly jumpstart something at NU is something I wouldn't mind being a part of."

The last listed reason is that Ekakitie thinks highly of Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald and the rest of the coaching staff.

"I'm very familiar and comfortable with the NU coaching staff, and I hold Pat Fitzgerald in very high regards, especially since he used to be a player at NU," said Ekakitie. "If I were to play for him, I feel like I'd be able to connect with him a lot better than I'd connect with any of the older coaches out there lol (no offense)."

A few other things make Ekakitie a fan of Northwestern's program.

"Most importantly of all, NU is in the good books with my parents," he said. "Another great bonus about me attending NU is that I'd have a great support base very close by in Lake Forest considering that I know so many people from there now."

Ekakitie also holds offers from Arizona, Boston College, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Oregon, Penn State, Stanford, Wisconsin, and a number of others. He holds offers from more than 20 schools.

In his blog, Ekakitie clarifies that this is not a commitment, but a good sign for Northwestern fans.

"So for all you avid NU fans out there, no, I'm not committing to NU, but they are right there near the top of my list."

For the full blog, click this link: here.

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