Random Thoughts on Dan Pohlman

<b>Dan Pohlman</b> beat the <b>Hawkeyes</b> yesterday --<br><br> On the <b>baseball field</b><br><br> He pitched the last 8 innings in relief and got the win in a 7-6 game, not bad for the former linebacker.

Those that were upset when Dan Pohlman gave up Football to concentrate on Baseball should step back and reconsider...
Dan Pohlman, former NU Linebacker/Safety, now Left Fielder and Reliever, was out in his usual position in Left Field for the Wildcats yesterday when NU Starter Mark Ori was in defnite trouble. Ori had allowed 4 runs in the first inning and while the the Cats had come back and scored 5 to take the lead, Ori and Pohlman traded places in the second and that was all for the Hawkeyes.

Pohlman pitched the remaining 8 innings, giving up 2 runs [1 earned] on 4 hits, struck out 6 and walked nobody. He faced 29 batters. It was his first Big 10 game pitching.

Dan also hit his 8th double during the game as the Cats hung on to a one run lead to win Pohlman's 3rd of the year, he's now 3-2.

I can remember the cries of dismay when Pohlman decided to play baseball instead of football, I remember all the dire predictions about his future as a ball player. Going 3-2 as a pitcher on the NU team probably doesn't make him the next Tom Glavin, but he's been a solid contributor on the NU team and is regularly mentioned in the baseball stories. When he was recruited for football, folks always said he was a really good baseball player too.

I guess his future is on the diamond after all.
-- da Coach

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