Bowie Setting His Itinerary

Darrell Bowie is set to make his second commitment fairly soon. Bowie's first commitment came in July when he decided he will play his senior season with La Jolla Prep in California. In the coming weeks, Bowie will decide which college he'll choose.

Decision time is almost here for Darrell Bowie. The standout swingman has two favorites and a few other schools that he's talking to.

"Northwestern and Northern Illinois are up there right now," said Bowie. "I've got a good relationship with the coaches. I like them a lot. I've been talking lot with Georgia State. Iowa and Minnesota as well."

The Wildcats jumped into the mix in June after Bowie attended Northwestern's Elite Camp. The coaching staff was impressed and extended an offer two days later.

Since the offer came in, Bowie has been in contact with the NU coaches and has seen them at each game during the July evaluation period. When Bowie speaks with the coaches, something stands out.

"Just the way they treat me and how they approach me—it's not like any coaches come at you," Bowie said. "They don't just tell me I'm good, they tell me how I can get better."

During his time on Northwestern's campus, Bowie received a tour of campus and learned what NU is all about. He left with a good feeling.

"I was impressed when I had left, I was really impressed," he said of NU. "The campus and how they operate, the atmosphere on the campus, the school and what they have to offer—Coach Hardy said they're hungry for the tournament this year." >

The idea of playing for a history-making team at Northwestern has Bowie excited.

"It would be tremendous to try to make history and make a mark so you can look back and say I was a part of that group," Bowie said.

Bowie is planning on giving his commitment toward the end of August or into early September. He is hoping to set up visits—Northwestern being a priority.

In the meantime, Bowie is turning to his family through the process. He hopes his campus visits will help him find a clear college choice. What will make the difference on these visits?

"Just how I feel when I go on campus really," Bowie said. "Whatever my parents think is best for me and is going to help me out the most."

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