Couldn't Pass Up Northwestern

Wherever Sanjay Lumpkin went during the month of July, Northwestern was there and watching. The three-star swingman was at the top of the Wildcats' wish list. On Friday, Bill Carmody got his guy. Sanjay Lumpkin gave his verbal commitment to the Wildcats.

"It feels great to have come to a decision," said Sanjay Lumpkin. I am very excited for my future as a Wildcat."

During the July evaluation period, Northwestern coaches were constantly watching Lumpkin and his Minnesota Pump N Run AAU team.

In the spring, NU head coach Bill Carmody took over as Lumpkin's lead recruiter. Carmody made personal visits to Minnesota to visit with Sanjay and his family. In the end, that was a major part of Lumpkin's decision.

"It meant a lot to me seeing Coach Carmody at every AAU game," Lumpkin said. "He was there regardless of the score or regardless of who we were playing. Also, having him personally telling me that "he" wants to be responsible for my recruitment meant a lot."

Lumpkin had a number of different options on the table, but admitted he could not pass up what Northwestern had to offer. This morning, he called Bill Carmody and informed him of his commitment.

"I just realized that Northwestern has everything anyone could want in a school," Lumpkin said. "I will be playing in the Big 10 at a very high level, I will be getting a tremendous education, I will be able to play in front of family and friends and I will be in one of the best cities in the country, Chicago. The combination of everything was too much to pass up."

Lumpkin had offers from Northwestern, Richmond, Indiana State, Princeton, Holy Cross, Santa Clara, and others. In July, Lumpkin told he was considering Northwestern and Stanford, who never offered.

This week, Lumpkin spoke with his family and decided Northwestern was his best fit.

I finally got a chance to sit down with my family and have an honest conversation about my college situation. I realized that what Northwestern has to offer, is too great to pass up with the tremendous combination of both great basketball and academics.

With a number of options available, Lumpkin said he was simply most comfortable with Northwestern's coaches and players.

"I am very comfortable with not only Coach Carmody, but also with Coach Hardy and much of the coaching staff and with many of the players I got a chance to meet at my last visit," Lumpkin said. "Tre Demps really reached out to me and made me feel at home and talked to me about Northwestern and how he came to his decision as well."

Lumpkin made it official on Friday; he is going to be a Northwestern Wildcat. Now, Sanjay can relax knowing his recruitment is over and he will be a Wildcat.

"It feels great to have made this decision," Lumpkin said of his commitment. "I know where I am going and can just relax and enjoy my senior year of high school basketball, and just have fun. My goal now is to lead my high school team to a state championship."

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