Martin Focuses On Strength

Top Chicago DE prospect Phillip Martin has one offer under his belt, but is gaining plenty of interest from schools. The Class of 2012 standout talked to and recapped his summer, a recent visit, and which schools are interested.

Chicago DE prospect Phillip Martin has had a successful summer of training – especially in the weight room.

"It's been good as far as training goes," Martin said. "I've been doing a lot more lifting, mainly squats and dead lift, and more individual stuff."

The Kenwood Academy standout is ready to show off his hard work, and have a big senior year.

"This season I am going to work on taking snaps on both sides of the ball," Martin said. "I have been playing mostly on the right side of the field, but I want to see both sides of the field. Plus I want to show everyone what I'm made of, and help my team get some wins."

To do that, he plans on showing off his strong points on the gridiron.

"My strength is probably my strength," Martin said. "And my lateral quickness, I know I can get where I need to be on the field."

The 6-foot-4, 265 pound prospect is pushing towards a bright future of collegiate ball – but hasn't lost sight of his short term goals.

"Every year you have to set new goals, and set what your going to do to improve," Martin said. "My biggest goal this year is to improve my pass rush. I have always been good against the run, but I've been working on getting my legs faster."

And schools are taking notice of Martin's determination and work ethic.

"The schools talking to me are Northwestern, Northern Illinois, Toledo and Eastern Michigan," Martin said. "I am hearing that more are interested too."

And recently Martin got a chance to check out one of his top schools in person.

"I am interested in Northern Illinois and I got to see a practice the other day," Martin said. "And how excited they all were just got me even more fired up than I already am."

The Chicago, Ill., standout has an offer under his belt from Toledo, and although he is looking for more – knows he is in a good place right now with recruiting.

"I take it one day at a time," he said. "You can see your goals and see where you want to be in four years, but you have to take it one day at a time."

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