Great Lakes Practice Report

The Wildcats wrapped up their last day of camp with a special two-hour session at the Great Lakes Naval Base. It was a nice day as the team held their practice in the middle of the base as military members circulated through to watch practice. Get the details from practice with this practice report.

Northwestern is done at Camp Kenosha. Today, they traveled just 20 minutes south for practice. The team put in two hours at the Great Lakes Naval Base as they practiced in front of our nation's great troops.

• It was a very cool scene. As the Wildcats practiced on the fieldturf field, military members jog by the field as a unit. NU players often stopped and watched them go by. The troops are the real heroes.

Pat Fitzgerald said that he hopes to return to the naval base next season if the NCAA allows it. This year, they received a special waiver which allowed them a third off-site practice. Fitzgerald pointed out that there is no recruiting advantage made by practicing in front of the troops.

• The Big Ten Network made their stop in for practice. Dave Revsine, Howard Griffth, and Gerry DiNardo were all watching practice. That special will air Thursday on the Big Ten Network.

Dan Persa appeared to have a noticeable limp during practice today. This is something I caught onto recently, but it appeared more obvious today. Even so, he was still throwing lasers to his receivers.

• Persa shrugged off any concerns about the limp saying he feels fine, it's becoming a natural walk, and he has been pain-free for weeks. Pat Fitzgerald delivered the line of the day when talking about Persa's limp. He said, "I think he's doing great. Your limp could be somebody else's pimp walk."

• I've been most impressed with Persa's mid-ranged throws that go about 20 to 30 yards down field. He makes those passes look so easy. Even on out routes, he makes the long passes look like short passes. His arm strength and accuracy opens up the passing game better than any other team in the country.

• The ones-against-ones drills started out in impressive fashion. Jacob Schmidt—still working in at first-team running back—busted through the linebackers and picked up ten hard-earned yards. He is a very strong runner.

Collin Ellis delivered the hit of the day to fellow sophomore Adonis Smith. The next play, Smith was being chased down by Ellis and elected to go out of bounds. Ellis continues to show he has an incredible ability to chase down the ball carrier.

Trevyon Green gave us a nice glimpse of the future. He busted a nice run down the sidelines after pushing off a linebacker. He has the potential to be a major part of the rushing attack down the road.

• The play of the day came from—guess who—Venric Mark. On a short five-yard pass to the side, Mark broke b a defensive back and galloped all the way to the endzone. There aren't many players who can match his speed.

Chi Chi Ariguzo delivered the big play on defense as he dove and picked off Kain Colter.

• Later in practice, Colter showed off some impressive skills. He made a strong throw across his body and hit Jeremy Ebert with a dart.

• One of the standouts from the day was Mike Jensen, who had a number of big catches. At one point, he broke a long run down the sidelines after a quick strike from Trevor Siemian.

• The team finishes the drive from Kenosha to Evanston after practice. They now hop back on their buses and return to Northwestern. They will have two practices on Tuesday.

Pat Fitzgerald
Dan Persa
Jack DiNardo

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