Thunder is the Worse thing you can hear...

Just like the <b>Big 10</b> Officials yesterday, <b>The Coach</b> has spent many a night in a pressbox watching the sky.<br><br> Reworking schedules is no fun...for the players, and for the organizers...

The NU/MSU game yesterday that chewed up 5 hours of time was the absolute worse thing that a tournament organizer can have have happen, especially when there are also thunderstorms predicted in the area during a tournament.

While the game was a tremendous start to the tourney [I was glued to my seat in my office the entire time], it pushed the entire slate of games back to where the 2nd game was delayed by rain and lightning [Illinois did beat Minnesota 1-0] and the 3rd game, NU - Michigan got suspended by another line of storms around 8 PM last night.

Believe me, you can play a 7 inning softball game in an hour if the pitchers are on, and the ladies hustle, but it makes for boring softball and it doesn't happen at this level very often. However, the Big 10 may be hoping for a couple of games like that today.

As I write this, early Friday morning, the our Diamond Girls are already up by 3 in the first. Lets hope the lead holds up for Brie Brown and the gang. For what its worth, NU's pitching has probably been helped by all the rain delays

-- da Coach

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