Tuesday Practice Report

The Wildcats continued preparations for Boston College as they put in more than two hours on the practice field. Pat Fitzgerald was pleased with the team's effort. Find out why and get the details on Dan Persa's status in this PurpleWildcats.com practice report.

Northwestern took the field in full pads for Tuesday's practice. They worked on their usual Wednesday game prep today. Pat Fitzgerald was pleased with the practice. He added, "The passion is good, the physicality is solid, and we just got to get ready for game day."

• Fitzgerald also said the team looked better than my Cubs polo which I wore today. New place kicker Jeff Budzien later chimed in and agreed I need to get a new team. I wish I could.

Kain Colter took the majority of the reps at quarterback. Dan Persa was standing behind throughout the whole practice. With each snap and drop-back Colter took, Persa shadowed his movements.

Persa said not being involved with game preparations is not a problem because he has been studying Boston College game film for months.

• After practice, Persa said Colter was likely taking most of the reps to get ready in case he is needed this Saturday.

• Persa said that he feels "close to a 10" health-wise. He added, "I've got to keep working and get stronger every day. Every day is a new step for me."

• Persa did say that he likely won't have any input on his status for Saturday.

• Sticking with the quarterbacks, Pat Fitzgerald said Trevor Siemian and Evan Watkins are neck-and-neck for the third-string quarterback spot.

• The Wildcats got some good news on the injury front. David Arnold and Hunter Bates—who were each dinged up last week—were back at practice today. Both safeties look very good.

• On the other end of those kicks, Venric Mark looks better than ever. He is the perfect fit on kick return. He ran back a kick in practice today. His speed and agility is incredible to watch. He is a great weapon on special teams.

• In team drill, freshman Zack Oliver was intercepted by Jeravin Matthews. Just one play later, he recovered with a tight spiral to John Plasencia on the sidelines.

Brian Peters and David Arnold were each bringing their best hits. Peters got a nice shot in on Pierre Youngblood-Ary while Arnold got a hit in on Cermak Bland. Both hard-hitting safeties are in mid-season form.

• Kain Colter showed off his impressive arm with a touchdown pass to Jack Konopka. The superback has really grown nicely into his new role. He may see some playing time on Saturday.

Jordan Mabin continues to improve and Pat Fitzgerald has been very pleased. Mabin had a few more interceptions in ones-against-ones today. Fitzgerald said he is most happy with how Mabin is making interceptions out of what used to be pass break-ups.

• The Wildcats continues preparations for their first game with a late morning session on Wednesday. PW will have coverage of that practice.

One more thing to note. Post-practice video with Dan Persa will be posted later. There is a bit of that which needs editing. That will be posted at a later time.

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