Springer After Standout Junior

Northwestern receivers coach Dennis Springer goes a long way back with Shannon Griffith, the head football coach at Manchester College. Springer and Griffith attended high school together and later coached together at Ball State. Springer has shown heavy recruiting interest in Griffith's son, Isaac, a standout junior receiver. Don't be mistaken, this interest isn't just a friendly gesture.

Back in July, Dennis Springer led Griffith on a tour around Northwestern's campus. The junior was making his second visit to Evanston. His first was in June, when he impressed Springer and the rest of the Wildcat coaches at camp.

Springer and Griffith's father are old friends, but that isn't why Isaac is hearing from Northwestern. He is in fact one of their top prospects for their 2013 recruiting class,

"The first thing (Springer) told me was that he wouldn't have taken me up to Northwestern if he didn't think I could be a good player for them," Griffith said.

Throughout his recruitment, Isaac and Springer have built a nice relationship.

"It's a really good relationship," Griffith said. "I like him very much as a coach. He's easy to get along with. He's a really good guy."

Griffith has heard a lot from the Wildcats recently. He has received multiple letters from Coach Springer and Northwestern in recent weeks.

"They said they recognized me as a top prospect in the class of 2013," Griffith said of the letters. "They want me to stay in touch with them during the season and tell them what I do."

Another suggestion in the letter was for Griffith to set up a visit to campus. He hopes to do so when Northwestern plays Michigan on October 8th.

"I'd really like to go see the one against Michigan because I know that will be a really good game to watch offensively," he said.

Isaac has a nice advantage at his hands. His father has 15 years of coaching experience, plus was a player at Ball State. With knowledge of how the recruiting process works, Shannon Griffith has been able to help his son though the course.

"He's really helped me out because he went through the process as a player," Griffith said. "He knows what it takes to become a division one player and not become overwhelmed with what's going on. He helps me do my hardest with my efforts, both on the field and off the field as a student."

Griffith thinks very highly of Northwestern. He has respect for both their academics and the football program. Griffith was impressed with how the Wildcats pulled out a win over Boston College last weekend.

"They're doing great with Coach Fitzgerald," Griffith said. "He had a challenge going into it and he's handled that challenge very well. Going into Boston College with a backup quarterback and beating them, that says a lot. It shows me they want to win this year."

Overall, Griffith holds Northwestern in high regards.

"I really like the school and the program," he said. "If they would offer me, they'd be at the top of the list easily. It's playing in the Big Ten football and prestigious academics as well. Knowing I could get a degree from Northwestern, it would really help me out in the future."

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