Hart Has NU Interest

Oak Park (Ill.) Fenwick junior quarterback Pat Hart has the tools to be a scholarship player.

Oak Park Fenwick quarterback Pat Hart had a strong sophomore season, leading his team into the playoffs in his first year as a starter. This season, although the team sits at 1-1, he is looking to have a bigger and better year.

At 6'2, 220-lbs with strength and mobility, he has the makings of a college prospect, and he has heard from a number of schools.

"I've been talking to a lot of the Big Ten schools," he said. "I recently got letters from Northwestern, Wisconsin and a lot of schools came into Fenwick, my school, during the off-season and I got to hear from them a little bit, Ivy League schools, MAC schools and I've been exchanging e-mails with them ever since."

Hart had a chance to head over to Evanston over the summer and camped with the Wildcats.

"I went over to Northwestern and that was the only one I could make it out to. I thought it went really well. There were also all the MAC schools and Ivy League schools too, so I got to talk to Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Northern Illinois, and they said that they liked what they saw and I thought I performed pretty well there too."

As for the 1-1 start, Hart isn't worried.

"We won our first game. We beat Hales Franciscan. We lost our second game to Marmion, 6-0. It was a rough game, but other than that, we're looking pretty good. I think we'll have a strong year this year."

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