This isn't the way you play the game....

If you were shocked when you learned that <b>NU</b> had lost in the first round of the NCAA Tennis Regionals, you had to figure that K-State had one whale of a team.<br><br> So was the Coach, until he looked at the matches and figured out who didn't play...

It was a Cinderella Win in Evanston Last Weekend...
Those other Purple Wildcats came into Evanston and even lost the Doubles Point to the #16 Northwestern Wildcats on their way to winning the NCAA Regionals last weekend.

And it impressed even me, until I got an email from one of the Northwestern Daily guys asking about the tournament stories over the weekend [they weren't up on the web yet, and therefore weren't up on the sports news]. His interest, caused me to first look at the NU Sports story and realize that Christelle Grier, the Big 10 Player of the Year and one other of the usual NU starters hadn't played.

Whoah Nellie!

So I checked over on the Kansas State site, and there is a big glowing story about how the Kansas State  "Cinderella" season had continued with a weekend victory over NU at the NCAA Regional.

The rumor is that "somebody" questioned the eligibility of all of the British players in the Tournament and forced the Northwestern players of British nationality to sit out because we couldn't prove their eligibility on short notice.

In the Cinderella story I know, Cinderella didn't trip the other princesses as they came in to the ball or as they came forward to try on the glass slipper.

But then, Cinderella's fairy godmother didn't come from Kansas. That was another movie.

-- da Coach

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