Lohn May Visit Northwestern

Nate Lohn has more than 16 offers on the table and is beginning to narrow down his options. He recently visited Iowa City and is headed out to Stanford soon, but is hoping to make another stop in Evanston for an official visit at Northwestern.

Nothing has been setup yet, but Nathan Lohn is hoping he can make a trip to Evanston. The three-star defensive end has been to Northwestern's campus before, but wants to make another visit.

"I want to get to know the coaches and players and see if it's a place where I can spend the four of five years of my life," Lohn said.

Lohn (6-foot-3, 265) holds offers from schools such as Northwestern, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan State, Missouri, Nebraska, Stanford, Vanderbilt, and many more.

Thus far, Lohn does not have a list of favorites, and is just taking his time.

"It's not necessarily a one, two, three, four (schools) deal for me," Lohn said. "I just want to find out where I want to be."

Currently, the only other visit Lohn has set up is a trip to Palo Alto to see Stanford. He has not set up a visit to Northwestern, but is going to speak with NU defensive line coach Marty Long about the opportunity.

"As of right now, it's possible for me to schedule an official, but I'm not sure on how that goes," he said. "I enjoyed the coaches; it's a great academic program and Big Ten football. It is all positive."

Lohn received a visit from Northwestern coach Dennis Springer on Monday, as he attended Staley High School football practice.

"It went well," Lohn said of Springer's visit. "He came out and watched one of our practices. He was looking at our quarterback (Trent Hosick) as well. He told me he liked what he saw. He pretty much knew what to expect from film and he liked it."

Overall, Lohn has a good feeling about Northwestern. The door remains open for him to visit campus and learn more about the school.

"Northwestern is one of the schools that I l like and got to visit (over the summer)," Lohn said. "Just what I know about the coaches and school, it's a great program and it's Big Ten football, which is a positive."

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