NU In Chesson's Top-Five

Three-star wide receiver Jehu Chesson has a top-five list, and Northwestern is in the mix. Find out which other schools made the list, where he is looking to visit, and when a commitment will come.

After picking up offers from a number of schools around the country, 2012 wide receiver Jehu Chesson has put together a preliminary top-five.

"Right now, I'm currently looking at Northwestern, Michigan, Indiana, Oklahoma State and Iowa," he said. "It's kind of my top-five, but some other schools may come into the mix, maybe Florida."

The three-star prospect from Ladue Horton Watkins (MO) HS still hasn't decided where to take his five official visits, but says Northwestern is very much in consideration.

"I'm pretty sure I'll be taking an official to Northwestern," he said. "I plan on taking most of them probably here soon, but most of my games are on Saturdays."

Chesson has already taken a number of unofficial visits, which included a trip up to Evanston.

"I liked it. It's actually the only unofficial that I slept (overnight) at," he said. "Just Coach Fitzgerald, you know, he's a real nice guy. Also, Northwestern has a lot of different things to offer. Geographically, the distance to how far I go doesn't matter all that much, but it would be nice because Northwestern is not that far.

"Also, the kids there, it's a pretty good academic school, you know they're a Big Ten contender, so that's all a plus."

In addition to Northwestern, Chesson has taken unofficial visits to Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Florida. He plans to take all five of his officials.

Chesson isn't exactly sure when he will make his decision, but it will most likely be between the end of his football season and Christmas.

"The deadline for me was Christmas, but I'm probably going to make a decision before then," he said.

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