NU Offers Junior Defensive End

Pickerington North (Ohio) junior defensive end Jake Butt picks up two new BCS offers.

Pickerington North junior Jake Butt had a big week, adding two BCS offers in the span of a couple days.

"Today Syracuse offered," he reported. "They called my coach midway through practice, so I have to try to get on the phone with a coach since they can't call me."

The 6'6, 225-lb junior says he has not actually spoken with the Orange yet, but they have been recruiting for some time.

"I haven't been up there. I get a lot of mail from them though and game invites, but it's going to be hard to make it all the way up to Syracuse for a visit this season."

Prior to that, Butt learned of an offer from Northwestern, who had come down to see him in person recently.

"Coach Heffner, he's the tight ends and superback coach, came down and watched our practice and I sent them tape of my season so far. They said they watched it as a staff before their game and Coach MacPherson told me I had an offer."

Having camped in Evanston, Butt was familiar with the Wildcat coaches and campus, and thus, was excited to receive the offer.

"I was ecstatic. I think they're offering me as a superback, but I don't know for sure. I went down to a camp. I met Coach Fitzgerald. He's a great guy. The way he took part in camp and how involved he was and the attention he gave us; it was a great camp. The campus is awesome. They have a private beach for the team and new facilities and the academics speak for themselves."

He hopes to make it to Northwestern for a game soon along with seeing one of their Big Ten foes.

"I want to try to get up to Michigan State the weekend after this one for the Michigan game and I want to get to Northwestern the weekend after that."

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