Cartwright Sets Early List

It is still very early for junior defensive end Grant Cartwright, but he already has a list of five favorites. Northwestern has expressed plenty of interest. Did they make the cut? Find out in this recruiting update.

Even though he's still early in the recruiting process, 2013 linebacker Grant Cartwright has already put together a preliminary top-five schools, despite not holding any offers.

"Most of the schools I'm really interested in are Big Ten schools," Cartwright, an Olentangy Liberty (OH) HS, said. "My top five are Wisconsin, Michigan State, Northwestern, Minnesota and Indiana."

Cartwright has yet to choose a favorite since he still has a year-and-a-half until National Signing Day and hasn't visited all of the schools he is looking at. So far, he has taken unofficial visits to Indiana and Kentucky and has a visit scheduled to Cincinnati. He plans to visit the other schools on his list after his football season.

"I would like to schedule more visits, but my calendar has with football this year that it has been unbelievable," he said.

Northwestern is part of Cartwright's top-five and he has been receiving a lot of mail from the Wildcats.

"One of Northwestern's coaches—I can't remember who—dropped off some info for me at my high school and I've just been getting a lot of information about them through the mail, but I haven't talked specifically person to person yet," he said.

However, since Cartwright is only a junior, there is plenty of time for him to get better acquainted with Northwestern's coaches and coaches from other schools.

"To be honest with you I'm still pretty early in recruiting process," he said. "Last year all I did was send out one highlight tape. I'm getting lots of mail, but I feel like those colleges still need to get to know me better before they send an offer my way.

"I definitely want to send out at least two of my game films and a highlight tape of the season so far by at least next weekend."

Cartwright has not set a decision date yet, but has decided on a rough outline of his plans for the rest of his recruitment.

"My dad and I have started to plan on what colleges we're going to go visit over the winter and then what camps I'm going to decide on going to over the summer," he said.

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