Monday With The Wildcats

Coming off a big victory, the Wildcats now look ahead to their first Big Ten game with the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Pat Fitzgerald along with Jordan Mabin and Treyvon Green met with the media to talk Huskers. brings you notes from another Monday with the Wildcats.

Pat Fitzgerald started his press conference by naming the weekly awards:

Offensive Player of the Week: Drake Dunsmore
Defensive Player of the Week: Jordan Mabin
Special Teams Player of the Week: Charles Brown
Offensive Big Playmaker: Jacob Schmidt
Defensive Big Playmaker: Jack DiNardo
Offensive Practice Player of the Week: Brendan Barber
Defensive Practice Player of the Week: Tim Weak

• There's an old rule in football that you take 24 hours to celebrate a win, then move on to the next game. Pat Fitzgerald tried to abide by that rule, but couldn't. "I felt great on Saturday night, food tasted better, than I started watching Nebraska and it all tasted terribly," Fitzgerald said.

• So moving on to the next game, Fitzgerald began speaking about the Cornhuskers. He did not seem too worried about the raucous atmosphere in Lincoln. "Obviously, I think it's very similar to what we play at Iowa, Wisconsin, State College, up in East Lansing, or (at Ohio State)—we've played in a bunch of hostile environments," he said. "I think our plan has been pretty good with our performances over time. It's going to take our best week of preparations."

• Fitzgerald said he was excited when Nebraska was added to the Big Ten. "Anytime you add that type of power, it increases the brand-recognition of the conference," he said. "As the head coach of Northwestern, I was hoping they would add Carl Sandberg High School."

• After missing two straight games, Northwestern may have Tyler Scott back in uniform this Saturday. Fitzgerald confirmed his defensive end had a workout this morning, and is "hopeful" Scott will play.

Adonis Smith is expected to be available this week, too. Smith did not play against Indiana, but was available. Fitzgerald held out the sophomore running back after he missed practices due to injury.

• Fitzgerald recalled the last time Northwestern and Nebraska met back in the 2000 Alamo Bowl—a 66-17 win for the Huskers. At the time, he had just finished up his one and only season at Idaho, and was hosting a game-watch party at his house. "I had a bunch of people at our house for a party. It kind of stunk. The food was good but the party stunk. That was many, many moons ago."

• Fitzgerald has a great amount of respect for Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini. "Bo does a great job, he always has," he said. "They're) well coached."

Dan Persa has a new nickname. Fitzgerald is calling him "Mr. Deeds", referring to Adam Sandler's dead foot in the movie. "He's got more issues going on below his knees than anyone else in the world," Fitzgerald joked.

Senior cornerback Jordan Mabin and freshman running back Treyvon Green joined the media.

• Jordan Mabin unveiled the team's unofficial mantra for this month: "Let's make it a November to remember." It will take a stellar month for the Wildcats to reach bowl eligibility.

• Green spoke of his on-and-off role in the offense, which saw him carry the ball 14 times one week after getting just eight carries. Green said, "I know I'm in the gameplan, but I don't know how exactly it's going to work out in the game. It's kind of about who has the hot hand."

• On Monday morning, Green got to take a look at the Nebraska defense. His first impression: "They're pretty fast." He added, "They've got some good linebackers—kind of similar to Penn State.

• Mabin's uncle, Wes, was a cornerback for Nebraska's championship-winning teams back in 1970 and 1971. Mabin said he has not spoken to his uncle this week, but plans to call him this week.

• Treyvon Green recalled his one and only trip to Memorial Stadium, when he made an unofficial visit on campus. "It was pretty crazy," Green said. "Me in high school seeing a college football game—especially there—you start to wonder how it is everywhere else."

• Green admitted one thing stood out the most about his visit to Nebraska: "Just the fans, how much they scream, I've never seen fans go so crazy over a football game."

• Green began to develop a relationship with Nebraska running backs coach Tim Beck—now the offensive coordinator. He began to like the Huskers, but … "Then Northwestern started recruiting me. They got the advantage a little bit."

• Mabin echoed Fitzgerald's excitement to welcome the Cornhuskers into the conference. Mabin said, "When I knew they were coming here, I thought it would do nothing but help the Big Ten gain more notoriety." •

The Wildcats will continue preparations for the Huskers on Tuesday morning, when they take to the practice field. Stay with for coverage of the week.

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