Wednesday Practice Report

The preparation for Big Ten foe Nebraska continued for the Wildcats on Wednesday. FoxSports/ Midwest Field Reporter Beth Long was on hand for practice, and she shares her observations inside.

The week leading up to Lincoln continued Wednesday as the Northwestern Football team took the field inside Nicolet Football Center for a spirited two hours of practice.

• Overall – everyone seemed to agree that it was a good day in Evanston. "It was one of our better practices of the year, we had good energy, good focus. Pretty good execution," Fitzgerald said.

• Fitz gave appropriate praise to Nebraksa RB Rex Burkhead, noting his 35 carries last week, and said "I don't know if there is anybody tougher than him" in the Big Ten.

• Speaking of RB's Tyris Jones looked pretty good during practice – he was finding the holes well, and getting up to speed impressively.

• Some of the receiving corps looked really good Wednesday, especially youngsters Rashad Lawrence and SB Jack Konopka. (Both made some impressive, tough grabs)

• Per usual, there was loud oldies music blaring from the speakers in the Nicolet center – in an attempt to simulate the atmosphere the Wildcats will see in Lincoln.

• Fitzgerald later commented on that same atmosphere, "That's what college football is all about, and I think every fan base can learn from it," Fitz said of the atmosphere at Lincoln.

• Perhaps the biggest question mark for the Wildcats this week is the defense: Things were looking good Wednesday, as they were pretty amped up and excited to be on the field – plus they made some pretty big plays.

• Overall the Wildcats seemed very focused, there were plenty of opportunities to be distracted (Some overall clad, belt buckled, gentleman ventured onto the field) but they remained focused on practice.

• As Fitzgerald noted later, Focus continues to be a big emphasis: "You have go tot focus, and it is a challenge because of the environment."

• Another emphasis this week? "We have not put together three phases for sixty minutes, and I think we find a way to do that."

• Overall, the biggest focus was clear by the way that the guys practiced, and the coaches attitude -- "Gotta find a way to win, and keep this team alive," Fitzgerald said.

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