Memorial Day and Bob Hope

This year two things have been tied together by the media. Coach Roy has some thoughts about both...

Decoration Day and Bob Hope's 100th
Memorial Day has its roots in the south where on the last day of May, the daughters of Confederate soldiers would decorate the graves of their fallen fathers giving rise to the name "Decoration Day."

The name eventually gained common useage and practice and eventually became a national holiday known as Memorial Day.

A few years ago, that band of scaliwags known as the Congress decided to profane the event and turn it into a comercial event by moving the day to the last monday of May so it could become a sales event and they could take 3 day holiday.

As a child I participated in our local Memorial Day Parade on May 30th, regardless on which day of the week it fell. Our entire town paraded to honor our fallen veterans, an event that still is held to this day.

I personally still celebrate this holiday on the 30th of May and honormy fellow  veteran's sacrifices then.

May 30th is also my mother, Alma Lamberton's Birthday and I still resent the theft of the holiday from her birthday.

Happy 100th Birthday Bob
I never thought much about going to Bob Hope's shows when I was in the Navy.

I was on active duty from 1967 to 1970 and during that time Bob Hope went to places where there was fighting in Viet Nam, those of us in Spain and San Diego and the various support areas realized that the guys out where the bullets were flying needed that kind of support - we knew that while we would have enjoyed have a Hope show, we could also watch TV and see anything we wanted any time we wanted.

The guys you saw watching those shows got to see a Bob Hope show, period. Then they went back to the drudgery of the day to day existance of survival, fighting an enemy that didn't play by the any rules of warfare they had been taught in the states.

Unless you have been one of those soldiers, sailors, or airmen, you cannot begin to understand what it was like to live that life.

That a man like Bob Hope [and all of the other entertainers, God bless them] would come out to the front to bring a short break from the horrors of war to a group of unwashed army guys, is a miracle of america. Especially when you remember that Bob Hope was born Leslie Hope, in London, England.

Bob, I've never met you, probably never will but,

Thanks for the memories -       
-- da Coach

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