Fitzgerald Responds To Martinez's Claim

Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald responded to claims from Taylor Martinez that the Wildcats were stealing signals from the home sidelines. While Northwestern wasn't doing that, they did take advantage of something the quarterback was giving away.

Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez said on Monday that he believes Northwestern was stealing signals from the home sidelines, which led to the Wildcats' upset 28-25 victory in Lincoln.

"During the game, I kind of caught on that every time we'd look over there, they were looking at me for the play or at the sidelines for our play," said Martinez to the media in Nebraska's weekly press conference."

Martinez said that the Nebraska coaches tried to switch up the signals during the game, but he claims Northwestern continued to catch on.

"It's Northwestern, they're a smart school," he added.

Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald didn't admit to stealing signa;s, but they did, however, have an advantage over Martinez and the Huskers.

"I know there were some things we saw in our film study in them that he gave away, that we thought we could take advantage of," Fitzgerald said. "When they were confirmed, I think we took advantage of some of those things."

Martinez finished the contest completing 28 of 37 passes for 289 yards and two touchdowns, while adding 69 yards on the ground. However, the Nebraska offense struggled to sustain drives, which cost them on the scoreboard.

Fitzgerald chuckled at the idea of stealing signals. He admitted that their strategies in Saturday's game were no different than from other matchups.

"We didn't do anything different than we do in any other game of the year," Fitzgerald said. "If we could steal their signals and get lined up, I think we'd be undefeated. I think we'd shut everybody out."

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