Demos Turning Heads

St. Louis standout quarterback Dalton Demos is turning heads with a breakout senior season. Demos is quarterback of the Christian Brothers College High School which is now 11-0, ranked No. 1 in the state of Missouri, and currently in the quarterfinals. The dual-threat has upped his game while leading his team to a deep playoff run. He hopes that leads to offers.

When Dalton Demos took an unofficial visit at Indiana, he was there to get acquainted with the Hoosiers. Little did he know, Indiana's opponent, Northwestern, would steal the show.

The Wildcats posted 59 points and more than 600 yards of offense. Demos, who has also hung a few crooked numbers on the scoreboard this season, was very impressed with the Wildcats' showing.

"It was very exciting, I was truly excited by the offense," said Demos. "I feel it would be a great fit for me."

Demos (6-foot-5, 185) has drawn interest from Northwestern, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Vanderbilt, and many more. However, he still has not received an offer.

Up until this summer, Demos wasn't on many schools' radars. He attended summer camps at 14 different schools, and caught the eye of many coaches. This season, Demos has been impressive on the field. He has thrown for 29 touchdowns and thrown for 2,201 yards while completing 54.7 percent of his passes.

Demos made a few major adjustments to his game—both physically, and mentally.

"I've been really working on my scrambling, not getting sacked," he said. "Also, I have worked on being a smart quarterback, watching film, going through my reads, and improving my game. I can limit a defense and see where their holes are. I'm becoming a student of the game, a lot more than I was last year."

Demos is currently close to a few offers. Illinois has shown interest, and Indiana called on Thursday night, confirming they will be watching CBC's game on Friday night. Northwestern has recently shown interest, too. NU offensive coordinator Mick McCall came to visit Demos in school last month.

"They told me I'm definitely being considered and they want to see how their season ends and how our season ends up, and they're going to evaluate from there," Demos said of Northwestern.

This season, Demos has visited Illinois, Indiana, and Vanderbilt. He hopes to visit Evanston for the first time, and take in Northwestern in-person.

Demos is friends with Northwestern commit Mike McHugh—another St. Louis product—and has heard all about what the Wildcats have to offer. However, NU's greatest sell came during the Indiana game.

"I'm definitely going to look at Northwestern a lot more," he said. "They're looking really good to me."

As the days went by, Demos grew concerned about receiving an offer. However, he is focused on other things now.

"A couple weeks ago, I was pretty discouraged," said Demos. "Now I've accepted the fact that they have to do their business and I need to do mine. I want to win a championship. That would be really big for my school. I want to say I'm a state champion quarterback. I'm focused on my team. That's it right now."

As for trying to impress the coaches, Demos knows there is only one thing he can do.

"Keep winning," he said. "That's the only thing I can do, is keeping winning. I got to."

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