Coming Attractions

There's nothing to report today [besides the Memorial]<br><br> So I Thought you might like to know what we're working on for next week...

Coming Attractions for the First week of June:
I'm always a little leary of doing this because sometimes schedules slip around here but here's what's planned for next week:
  • It seems that lately there are a lot of prospects stories turning up about Ohio kids, so our TheInsiders Partners at Bucknuts have promised to answer a few questions about how Northwestern recruiting is going over in Ohio. These guys, collectively, have more knowledge about high school recruiting and who in Ohio is thinking about going where, than anyone. So far their report looks interesting. [and Lord knows what they'll want back from me and Chris in return]
  • The start of our multi part series on the 2003 Northwestern Wildcats.  We're starting on the Offense, and we're going to start with the O-line. You may agree with our assesment, you may disagree, but its based on what we saw during the spring , what's been in the media, and what the coaches have said.
  • We're also going to have a story about NU recruit Sam Cheatham's winning of the 2003 Franklin D. Watkins Award as the top African American High School Athlete in America. We'll talk about what it takes to win this very important award, and just who this wide receiver, who NU Coach Randy Walker compared to the the other Sam, Sam Simmons, is. I've been working on this one for a while. Sam C is on fantastic kid - and worth the effort.
There's much more in the works, but this is all I can promise on a Saturday morning...for sure.

Coach Roy.

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