Summers Picks Texas State

Three-star Cornerback, Martel Summers, from Leander High School has finally chosen where he wants to spend his college career playing football. After offers from Arizona, New Mexico, Northwestern, Texas State and UTEP he chose the school where his mom could visit the most. That school is Texas State.

"It's really a family thing," Martel Summer said. "I wanted my mom to be there with me. She has always been my biggest supporter. I also have a brother that goes to Texas State. Another thing I liked about Texas State was the coaches gave me the hint that if I came there I could definitely have a shot at starting my freshman year. Other schools said I would probably have to redshirt. It sounded like I would be more of a contributor, plus the coaching staff is great. My recruiter and I have became friends over the past couple months."

The 6'0 180-pound recruit said Texas State had been weighing on his mind, so when Texas State coaches Jason Washington (Cornerbacks) and Craig Naivar (Defensive Coordinator) came for a home visit he made it official.

"I just woke up that morning and it felt like it was the right decision. They ended up coming to dinner and we ate the meal, then after dinner my mom brought out a cake we had made that said, ‘I commit," said Summers. "After that it was a bunch of hugs and pictures. All around I like to surprise people a lot. I don't like the whole boring commitment, so I finally thought of the cake idea and I think (the coaches) definitely enjoyed that."

In the mean time, Summers isn't taking any time off. He plans to train hard during the spring, so he's ready to compete for the starting job at Texas State in the fall.

"These next couple months (I will be) making that transition physically," Summer said. "It will be about getting down the basics and learning the playbook when they send it to me on National Signing Day. I'm also going to catch a couple spring practices and games. I want to work on the physical and mental aspect besides just playing the game. There's a lot that goes into it. I want to totally understand their defense, so I can be the best position player I can be. Then I'll be good to go."

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